Society Activity

Past Activities in Groups
1.President of LEO Club of Jaffna Hindu College Srilanka(1997/1998)
2.Member of Science Union of Jaffna Hindu College(1997/1998)
3.IT Director Jaffna Midtown Rotaract Club 2007/2008
4.Member in INFITT Since 2004
5.EC member in INFITT 2008-2010
Current Activities in Groups/Web
1.WG02 ,WG08 , WGoMember of INFITT
2.Executive Committee member of JHC OBA
3.Web Master of  Many websites
4.Tamil IT Forum Founder
5.Founder Member and Secretary of Nudpam TITO
6.Executive Member in ISOC Srilanka chapter- 2013,2014
7. Treasurer Old Students Association J/Pungudutivu Sri Sithivinayagar MV
8.EC member in INFITT 2014/15 & Ececutive Director
9.Editor -Centenary Souvenir J/Pungudutivu Sri Sithivinayagar MV -2013